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Dark Matter 2015

Dark Matter

7.50 HD 2015 na min
Six people, four men and two women, awake in a spaceship with no memory of the past. As they can't remember their own names, they name themselves by the order in which they awoke - One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. Over time they discover who they are and why they are on the ship. However, their pasts are bound to catch up with them, including deals and enemies made in those pasts. More importantly, considering all the dangers and adventures awaiting them, they might want to learn to trust each other and work together...
Country: Canada
Release: 2017-06-27
Director: Ron Murphy,Bruce McDonald,John Stead,Andy Mikita,Steve DiMarco,Amanda Tapping,T.J. Scott,Paul G. Day,Paolo Barzman,T.W. Peacocke,Lee Rose,Martin Wood,Mairzee Almas,Peter DeLuise,Jason Priestley,William Waring,Gail Harvey,Melanie Orr,J.B. Sugar,Craig David
7.3 of 583