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Pride And Prejudice And Zombies 2016

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

5.80 HD 2016 108 min
Early 19th century England is besieged by zombies; the Bennet sisters-Elizabeth, Jane, Kitty, Lydia, and Mary-have all been trained in the art of weaponry and martial arts in China at their father's behest so they can defend themselves from the zombies. Mrs. Bennet only wants to see her daughters married off to wealthy suitors. The Bennets attend a country dance also attended by Colonel Darcy and Caroline and Charles Bingley. There, the young and handsome Bingley falls for Jane. Charles Bingley has inherited £100,000 (£6.0 million today)-attracting Mrs. Bennet's attention as a desirable suitor for her daughter. When zombies attack the ball, the Bennet sisters fight them off, and Colonel Darcy, a friend of Bingley's and skilled zombie-killer, who was conversely trained in Japanese martial arts - with property that pays him £10,000 annually (£600,000 today) - becomes smitten with Elizabeth..
7.1 of 808