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Ego 2013


6.20 HD 2013 105 min
For 25-year-old Sebastian, life is all about appearance. Life is a party, full of music, superficial friendships, hot one night stands, and the next shiny new thing. He has never challenged himself, whether it comes to his dream of a music career or finding love. When Sebastian is finally about to sign a record contract he has an accident and is suddenly blinded. His whole life changes in an instant. Sebastian meets Mia, a personal assistant hired by his parents to help him adjust to his new life. A girl he normally wouldn't pay any attention to. Mia becomes the first to successfully open his eyes to what is really important in life, her passion and humor save Sebastian from going under. But when Sebastian discovers that Mia is not who he expected his ego threatens to turn him back into the superficial brat he was before. EGO is a romantic comedy-drama about love, music, and having the courage to follow your heart.
6.8 of 13